Wedding Dress Designers’ Choices for Different Body Shapes

For every problem, there’s a solution. Just because your body isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean you need to settle for less than perfection for your wedding dress. Designer gowns, when created by insightful wedding dress designers with the objective of making you look your best, can make you look as perfect as you can be on your special day. Here are a few designer solutions for some so-called body shape “flaws” that bother many brides.

A-Line and Empire-Cut

Ask good wedding dress designers and they’ll tell you that the A-line silhouette, and the style known as the empire-cut dress solve two particular body configurations often considered as problems by many stressed-out brides: having no waist, and being small-breasted /flat-chested.

If you carry your weight in the midsection or are troubled by a spare tyre, a belly roll or are pregnant and showing, a great choice is the A-line or princess dress. This is characterised by having no marked waist and vertical seams that flow from the shoulders down to a skirt that flares outward, creating an “A” shape. Empire gowns that have a raised waist starting right under the bust line, flowing to a skirt that skims over the hips then flares slightly can be a good option. This can be shorter but many wedding dress designers recommend a skirt that flows into a floor-length A-line. This is a romantic silhouette that is flattering to most body types – particularly for those that are smaller on top, as well as those who have no marked waistline.

What To Look For

Fabrics that provide structure and are a bit more substantial are good choices, especially if your problem is hiding a big waist. Good examples are satin and taffeta – avoid anything too flimsy or flowy. You can indulge your love of the romantic look of delicate fabrics with overlays of embroidered tulle or lace, while keeping the base of the gown stiff. Good wedding dress designers will make sure the seam does not start on the chest and that that the fabric does not pleat, which will make it look like a maternity dress. Fit is also important – too tight and it will make you look bulgy, too loose and it will add pounds.

The Sheath and Column Dress

While many wedding dress designers will not consider lack of curves and a straight-line silhouette to be problem, many brides do. Good thing the sheath dress and its twin sister, the column dress, are the perfect solutions. A sheath dress in a wispy charmeuse cut on the bias will create a curving side seam that gives the impression of rounded curves while elongating the body, making it a good choice for petite brides.

More Tips For Those With Less On Top

Extra fabric up top will help fill out your upper body and create the illusion of curves – examples are ruched or lightly padded halter styles. The right bra will always provide a nice boost.

Introduction to Wedding Dress Designs and Styles

Getting married is a very important moment in anyone’s life. This is the reason why couples like to prepare for this event intensely. Believe it or not, lots of women don’t give a lot of thoughts to the style or design of the wedding dress.

It is very important to know the basics of this aspect so that you can know exactly the way your dress should look like for this special day. Wedding dresses come in various colors, shapes, designs and styles. If you don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, you might waste your time and money choosing the wrong dress. Thus, in order to experience a perfect wedding with the right dress, you need to take into account a few basic tips. These apply when it comes to skimming the market for the right dress. Some of the elements that must be included here are the bodice, dress neckline, sleeves or shape.


The neckline of a dress is a fantastic way to draw attention on your upper body. This will help when it comes to photo shoots, because it will show off your neckline and beautiful shoulders. Some of the examples include the bateau, sweetheart, halter, asymmetrical, portrait, off-the-shoulder, strapless or scoop.


Lots of women like to go for the off-shoulder style when it comes to wedding dresses. In this case, the neckline is below the collarbones and the shoulders. Furthermore, this is a design which draws focus on the neck and shoulders of the bride. The wedding dress that has a portrait neckline is excellent for those women that want to accentuate their collarbones and neck, while at the same time covering the upper arms. Also, don’t forget that a very popular style is the halter neckline (straps or ties).


The dresses that have sleeves are made to protect the brides from various weather conditions. Some of the most appealing wedding dresses designs are the ¾ sleeves, t-shirt, cap or spaghetti straps. The t-shirt style is almost universal, because it permits designers to include this style to various types of wedding dresses. This gives the bride the sensation of comfort and, at the same time, offers a great coverage for the upper arm zone. This would be the preferred choice of the women who are not willing to show their arms.

The wedding dress bodice covers the entire upper body part of the dress that includes the sleeves, neckline and the skirt of the gown. Some examples of extremely popular dress bodice include the corset, halter, drop waist, empire, surplice, princess-line, tank and midriff. Probably you are more familiar with the corset type because it is more often seen in the historical movies. The tight bodice really helps the bride push her breasts, creating the illusion of a tinier waist.

Top Reasons to Choose Bespoke Wedding Dress Designers

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why brides to be might wish to consider using bespoke wedding dress designers.

Wedding dress designers – expressing you

It might be unusual to find a bride who wants to look exactly the same as another! [Unless they are emulating their favourite celebrity perhaps.] Of course, many brides are influenced by other dresses and may wish to reflect those influences in their own design; however, using a bespoke designer ensures that the dress that you wear on the final day will be an expression of you and not of somebody else.

A direct link from you to the creative

If you have ever looked at a bridal dress “off the peg” you may have experienced that feeling that it is almost right but not quite, because either something is lacking or something is included that doesn’t really fit your own particular requirements.

In the case of using your own designer, such things will be picked up in the earlier stages of the process and reflected in the following detailed fitting and adjustment sessions before your dress is completed. That way you will never look at the dress you plan to wear on your big day and think that it is almost what you want – but not quite.

Assessing your personality

It is not unusual to find brides-to-be who are not entirely sure of what they want. Yes, looking at photographs, magazines and portfolios is important, but ultimately your personality and style needs to be reflected in the final design.

Experienced wedding dress designers will know how to help you to think about your own aspirations and how you would like to see these reflected in not only your dress but also potentially the dresses of bridesmaids and the bride’s mother. This is an engagement and understanding that needs close person-to-person contact and perhaps will be a relationship that evolves over time.

Reflecting change

Another thing that is far from unusual is the bride who, over time, changes her mind in terms of the final look of the dress. It is also possible that weight and body shape might also vary from the time of the initial discussions and dress outline design to the time when the big day itself draws nearer. In these situations it is important to have a great relationship with your dressmaker and they may be able to react to those changes in order to ensure that your dress fits well.

Of course, the nearer your big day gets the more difficult it might be to reflect fundamental changes in the design, but it might be easier than trying to achieve the same in a scenario where you have purchased your dress off the peg. So, for all these reasons [and many more] it might be worth thinking carefully about using experienced wedding dress designers.

Top Wedding Dress Designers Every Bride Should Know

One of the biggest decisions you are going to make when it comes to your wedding day is your bridal gown. Your gown sets the tone; your entire wedding can be carved around the wedding dress you choose. This is the statement you make as you make you way down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams, it’s what you will be wearing in all the wedding pictures and will be the one thing most of your guests will remember for years to come.

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a stressful and daunting experience. So much rides on you finding the perfect gown. Another thing you can expect is everyone to ask you who the designer is. There are so many fantastic designers today, but there are those that are the crème de la crème, the top of the crop, the ones you want to be able to name on your special day.

One of the first designers you need to know about is Wtoo wedding dresses. Wtoo offers sophisticated and feminine designs by combining traditional and modern designs into spectacular masterpieces. These gowns are all unique, comfortable and made from the finest fabrics. Guests will know when you make your way down the aisle in a Wtoo wedding dress, brimming with embroidery, lace and beads. These gowns are distinctive and made for all shapes and sizes. The best thing about these dresses is the price; they do not break the bank and you have so many different designs to choose from.

This name is known by brides around the world. Pronovias has been making spectacular bridal gowns since 1922 and offers a distinctive design with a feminine touch. This is a family owned business that focuses on the finest materials, superior collections and magnificent finishes.

Enzoani is another of the very popular wedding dress designers and its worthwhile looking at these dresses as they offer beauty and sophisticated. Enzoani offer timeless elegancy with European influences, which make them charming and beautiful. The designers use a lot of lace, embroidery and bead work to create these beautiful masterpieces that are modern and traditional and are guaranteed to make a statement on your special day.

Justin Alexander has been providing beautiful wedding dresses since the 1940’s. This designer combines classic and contemporary to create magnificent gowns that every bride wants to own. Justin Alexander’s wedding dress designs are couture style complete with superb quality, high standard fabrics and spectacular detailing, making them unique and special.

Watters gowns are elegant and trendy and are worn by thousands of brides each and every year. These gowns are charming and chic, they are romantic and feminine and yet, they are sophisticated and refined. The Watters dresses make use of bead work and lace, which has made these a top choice for the past twenty seven years.

When choosing your dress, you need to pay attention to what the designers have to offer. Wtoo wedding dresses are sophisticated and feminine, while Justin Alexander is classic and contemporary. You need to make your decision based on your personal preferences and what looks best on you when you try it on.

Don’t be set in your ways on what you want your dress to look like, try on a range of dresses by a choice of designers, you may be surprised which one will tick all your boxes for your special day.

Wedding Dresses – Designer Wedding Dresses – Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The biggest day of your life will be the day you start shopping for wedding dresses and beautiful wedding gowns. Wedding dresses come in a vast range of styles, colors and fits, you’ll need a plan to make sure you choose the correct one for you. Wedding dresses come with their own unique glossary of terms (or jargon, as you may want to call it). Wedding dresses are usually white, but there are many shades ranging from pure white to ivory. Your sister and mother will probably want to shop with you for your wedding dresses that you select and your wedding gowns will be all lined up for try on when you go to your first bridal dresses store. Bridal gowns are easy to find in all sizes and style and your wedding dresses final selection will be your choice completely. No matter what, choose from many wedding gowns to know that your final selection of wedding dresses is the one you really want to make.

Some ivory wedding dresses have yellow undertones, making them look creamy; some are just a “quiet” white. If you have yellow or olive undertones yellow-ivory wedding dresses may not be best for you. Informal wedding dresses are in high demand and extremely popular. Informal wedding dresses are chosen primarily by women who want something simple and comfortable, yet still elegant and enchanting at the same time. If you take the phrase “informal wedding dresses” and envision a gown that is unpretentious, relaxed, graceful and classy.

Designer wedding dresses are the best choice for women with unique styling and sizing needs. Designer wedding dresses offer brides the ability to stand apart from the crowd. Designer wedding dresses are also being fashioned to meet full figured women’s specific needs and desires. Many designers realize that 50% of American women are a size 14 or larger — and therefore they are now creating beautiful plus size wedding dresses in a range of gorgeous fabrics and styles. Often women seeking full figure wedding dresses turn to designer gown makers to ensure an appropriate fit and selection of styles. Designer wedding dresses in plus sizes are often highly sought after within the designers dress and gown market. Today’s beautiful designer wedding dresses come in every imaginable design, style and color. Designer wedding dresses offer the perfect fit, whereas traditional gowns typically have to be altered to suit a woman’s unique shape and size. If you have any questions you will find that the consultants and wedding dress design couturiers are helpful and extremely knowledgeable as they are all professionally trained as to how true designer wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses should be fitted.